Digital artist and filmmaker Mischa Ying is renowned for taking her audiences on immersive journeys by creating intricate worlds that toy with a sense of space and time.

Her highly original animated and live action approach - combining digital and organic aesthetics - fuses projected set design and digital mapping with costume, dance and music to weave fantastical stories.


Caulabyrinth Episode 13... A streamlined system of absurd human behaviour is threatened by a malfunctioning machine



Caulabyrinth Episode 15... An immersive last supper from inside the depths of new short ‘Caulabyrinth’



Bernhoft Promo created for Wind You Up... a single from the album Islander out now on iTunes.


Storm In A Teacup 1
Storm In A Teacup 2

Storm In A Teacup 3


Award winning short film ‘Storm in a Teacup’ created with inhouse production team...


A grimy tea peddler unwittingly unleashes an un-honored woman from the depths of her own soul… havoc is wreaked as an inter-dimensional tale ensues in this fast-paced mixed-media drama .


Experimentals #01 - Live performance space exploring multi layered projection - a collaborative experimental project with Head of House and Lucy Ridley


Animated video for Roxanna Panufnik's classical composition 'Zen Love Song' from her new album 'Love Abide' out now on Warner Classics

For Sufi inspired ‘Love is the Master’ video see Warner Classics You Tube channel



Itch the Fuffle. A film written, directed & animated by Mischa Ying. Music written, performed & produced by Jem Stone with Ben Castle on clarinet



TELEPARP: Animated ragtime celebration by Jem Panufnik & Mischa Ying as part of Jem Stones Electric Circus EP on Freshly Squeezed



JEM STONE: Online Promo by Mischa Ying for Jem’s Perpetual Lotion EP out now on Freshly Squeezed. For other EP vids visit Jem Stones You Tube channel



Condensed Edit from a 20minute visuals DVD for Adam Beyer @ Drumcode Records feat Brains & Logos by VJ Loki...

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